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I am soooo bad about not being prepared for mishaps when I dress up and go out or in the past, even having a wardrobe malfunction at work.  Here are 11 Must Have’s for those Wardrobe Emergencies:

The  first 5 are per The Rachel Zoe Project’s Brad Goreski, InStyle Mag.

1.  SOFT SOLES Adding foot cushions to your shoes is “every celebrity’s secret to easing high-heel pain.” Dr. Scholl’s For Her Insoles.

2.  DOUBLE-STICK TAPE Put a bit on your shoulder or your bust to prevent anything from falling out.

3.  TRAVEL STEAMER A hand steamer is faster than an iron.  Here is a trick… if the fabric is thin, turn the garment inside out to avoid water stains.

4.  INVISIBLE PANTIES No visible panty lines please! Seamless undies or thong is the way to go.

5.  LITTLE GOLD SAFETY PINS In addition to mending other wardrobe malfunctions, pins can fix a broken jewelry clasp.

Plus my ideas:

6.  NO STATIC Small travel can of Static Guard

7.  MINI SEWING KIT Enough said, lose a button… fix it!

8.  TRAVEL LINT ROLLER I have left the house looking good, and half way through the day, I have lint on my clothes!  Whip out the roller!

9.  TIDE TO GO STICK Yes, I’ve been called a stain magnet!  Not anymore!

10. BLACK SHARPIE Scuffs are gone! Color them in with the sharpie!

11.  WINE WIPES  A compact of 20 wipes, instantly wipes wine stains from your teeth – Go to Blends of Vino to order.


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  1. Carina Wytiaz 05/19/2011 at 4:17 pm

    I keep a mini sewing kit in my desk and a safety pin in my coin purse. You never know!

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